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are the latest in holiday and special occasion decorating. They may be used with candles or electric lights for holidays, weddings, parties, church functions or any special event. This new product makes a traditional custom more convenient, easier and safer in any type of weather. They are made of recyclable polyethylene white plastic. Luminaries are sold with C-7 white bulbs and may easily be changed by using any color bulb desired.

Your neighbors will marvel at the sudden wonder of your beautiful decorations as you get on with shopping and baking. Your HOLIDAYS will be festive, bright and effortless with our luminaries and your imagination. And best of all "Simply Luminaries" are just that - simple!

SIMPLY LUMINARIES  will make your Holidays  UNIQUE, SPECIAL AND EASY. Our "Simply Luminaries" are definitely something different. You won't believe how easy decorating for the holidays can be!

DO YOU REMEMBER A SPECIAL WARM FAMILY TRADITION WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD? Center your holiday around love, joy and happiness by introducing a traditional custom and making a LIFETIME OF MEMORIES for your family. "Simply Luminaries" - your children will love them!


Display your faith with the reason for the season. For use at Christmas, Easter or anytime you feel like it.  Easily assembled in minutes with a Phillips screw driver. Available in 4 foot, 6 foot, and 8 foot models
This is the latest in decorating ideas! Our new Blinkies are unique and demand attention.

This is not your typical holiday trim! Use for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, patriotic and any other celebration. They are excitingly different!