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The world’s most luxurious cars of 2018

If you were a very rich man, who is a car enthusiast and loves collecting cars, then you would surely want to have all the expensive cars in the whole world. If you will do such, then you will surely need ample space for your collection. But, you were rich anyway, so you can surely afford to have space for your collection of cars.

Do you know that the most luxurious cars in the world is a property that every car enthusiast would love to have if only they have enough money to have it? Not everybody can afford to have those very expensive cars, so you have one, so you must be a millionaire. For those, who can’t afford to have these cars, then looking at their photos, especially when featured in exhibits and car shows is enough.

Pretty sure that you would like to know what these luxurious cars are. So, we have here a list of the most luxurious cars for you to check out.

The Sweptail – Rolls Royce

The director of Rolls Royce described this car as the automotive equivalent of the Haute couture. This is the most luxurious cars in the whole world, so if you have $13 million, then grab it now. The Sweptail is a one-off automobile from the United Kingdom. This luxurious two-seater car comes with a fully panoramic sunroof. One customer, who ordered this car has a yacht and aircraft recommendation. This car also has a hidden handcrafted interior made of wood and leather for holding laptops, which you can find behind the doors.

The Maybach Exelero – Mercedes Benz

This high-performance sports car next to the Sweptail worths $8 million. The four-seater Maybach Exelero comes with twin-turbo V12 engine, producing 700 horsepower. This sports car is a modern version of the 1930’s sports cars. Birdman, who is a rapper purchased this car. It was also featured in one of the music videos performed by Jay Z.

The CCXR Trevita – Koenigsegg

What really makes this car expensive and incredible is that it is finished with diamond weaved carbon fiber. The developer uses this kind of method in manufacturing the carbon fiber. So, if you have $4.8 million on hand, then you better get this car because there were only two units available.

The Veneno Roadster – Lamborghini

To celebrate the 50th birthday of the Lamborghini, they designed this $4.5 million worth supercar. The exterior design of this car may look like a space capsule for aliens, but it is really that stunning and deadly. It comes with 6.5 Liters V12 engine, yielding 740 horsepower and a seven-speed single clutch ISR with an automated manual transmission. This model has 9 units in all.

The P1 LM – McLaren

This sports car is only for sale to selected groups in the United Kingdom, Japan, UAE and United States at $3.6 million. Lazante bought the original P1 and converted it.  This is also an evolution of the P1 GTR as well as the McLaren F1. This aerodynamic car produces 1000 horsepower. There were only 5 units made available.