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Top Amazing Sports car of today

Not everybody can afford to have a brand new sports car, especially the ones with the newest models. Having a sports car is actually one of the dreams of every car enthusiast. Most of these cars are said to be luxurious, that’s why not every car enthusiast cannot manage to buy one. That’s why, if he can drive one, even if it is not his own sports car, then he would be very happy with that.

A sports car is smaller in size, and it is usually a two-seater car with two doors. It is said to have a unique performance and it is designed for quick handling. It comes with an aerodynamically shape and the center of gravity is low as compared to other car models. The suspension as well as the steering are specifically designed with precision and control at a very high speed.

Sports car model varies and comes from different manufacturers. And then, these manufacturers release different models with new features and faster speed. They all looks great and perfect for your driving skills. Now, let us take a look at some of these amazing and hot manufacturers today.

Ford Mustang

This sports car is built like a muscle car. It comes with a 2.3Land a turbocharged 4-cylinder and a 310 horsepower. With that, in less than 6 seconds, you can make up to 60 sprints. It has a top range of 5.0L V8 at 400 horsepower. It also has 6-speed manual transmission or it could also be with an automatic transmission with of course, paddle shifters.

Chevrolet Camaro

This Camaro comes with a real-wheel-drive coupe and it is also convertible or both. They come with back seats. It has smaller engines that are good in balancing the power as well as economy. It has a very impressive performance, which stands at 275 horsepower, a 2.0L four-cylinder turbocharged engine, delivering a max of 31 mpg.

Dodge Challenger

This is one of the biggest among all sports cars because of its huge back seat. You will even wonder if it is really a sports car or a muscle car. But, this is a car that every car enthusiast will surely love to have. It comes with a six-speed manual stick shift, a 0 – 60 mph over 6 seconds, independent suspension and a 500 horsepower.

Chevrolet Corvette

This one is more than just a sports car. You must try checking the Z06 with a big V8 and a 0 – 6 mph over 4 seconds. This is a real American sports car with two seats. That is a coupe and also a convertible one. The trunk is just enough for a golf bag. But, still car enthusiasts love it because of its performance at 30 mpg and so with the American heritage.

Nissan 370Z

This sports car is available both with a coupe or roadster, a compact two-seater car, 3.7L V6 power that will put you in a 330 horsepower rear wheel, a six-speed manual, seven-speed automatic transmission, comes with paddle shifters and 0 – 60 mph I 5 seconds.