Do Mail

The Simply Luminaries administration would like to encourage each and every one to be a part of the SL team. That is why we have formed an Editorial board, who will manage and handle article submission. You are our readers and our fellow car enthusiast, I assume. So, why not take this opportunity to be one of us? You are all welcome to join the team and we would be very happy for that.

Anyway, if you have suggestions, comments and concerns about the SL blog, then feel free to mail us at a convenient time for you. We have an email address and we use this to hear you. Please, send us your mails at Our staff will do their best to attend to your concerns as soon as possible. We have a lot of mails to attend to, so please, be patient enough and wait for the reply.

We do not ignore your messages and we even appreciate your effort. So, please, do not ever think that our staff is not doing their jobs. We will do everything and our best to attend to you.

Our readers are very important to us, so please keep in touch.