Our Approach

We would like to inform all our team members, staff and readers that the Simply Luminaries blog is a website blog for conveying information. We understand that this information may be passed from one person to another person, but then, we do not encourage false stories to be posted on our blog. Every article published on the SL blog must be original. So, to our valued writers and participants, please let us respect the rights of any form of publication.

The Editorial board and team members of the Simply Luminaries will be very strict in publishing articles. We have to make sure that you are not simply copying and pasting your write up on the website blog. Please, be informed that whoever is verified doing such disrespectful act will be banned from joining our team. Aside from that, we will not allow you to participate in our conversations.

And then, in this website blog, we do not allow readers and participants to post bad words. We do not encourage you to show immature actions because we have to respect each other here. We do not tolerate any word or act that may harm feelings, destroy the group and even personal fights because we would like everybody to be responsible citizens.