Our Background

We are a team of car enthusiasts and we started a website blog called the Simply Luminaries or SL blog because we like giving information to our readers and fellow car enthusiasts. For us, that is a passion. We believe that through the SL website blog, we cannot only encourage readers to join our conversations, but, we are also here to give them facts or information about cars.

That is a very clear goal and we are doing this for our reader’s satisfaction. Everything that we want to happen is for our readers trust us and continue trusting us. The main point of this SL blog is to keep our readers posted anything and everything about their passion and love for cars.

Here at the Simply Luminaries, we would like our readers to understand how car began, how it existed, the people behind the invention, car manufacturers, different parts of the car and modernization. So, if you will notice, we just want our readers to be filled with knowledge in different ways. It could be through facts, opinions and DIYs. No matter how the contents of this blog are presented, still the focus is to share what we know about cars.