Small and Cute Cars you can drive

As a car enthusiast, pretty sure that you are amazed whenever you see cars that you find cute, tiny, stylish and fashionable automobiles. Maybe if you can see one, you will even tell yourself that you would like to touch that car. And then, maybe you would even want to take a photo with that car. Anyway, those are just usual reactions of those people, who can really appreciate cars. It could have been better if you own one that you can be proud of, so that you can show the world what kind of automobile you have.

Anyway, do you know that there are really small cars that you may drive? If I can try one, then I would surely want to drive it. Pretty sure that many of you will find these small cars so cute. They may not actually carry too much inside. But, you can drive these small cars. You will surely not believe that these small cars exist for real.

The Peel P50

This car is the smallest car in the whole world. That is even in the Guinness World of Record. So amazing, right? It only measures 54 inches in length and 41 inches in width. It also comes with a 50cc engine. I hope you will not find this car a problem even if it does not have a reverse gear.

The Commuter Cars Tango

This is an electric car with a single seat. It can only range a maximum of 240 miles. But, it is indeed good when it comes to performance because it can produce a 3000 lb-ft torque. That is good enough with an electronic car.

The ISO Isetta

Do you know that the ISO Isetta is famous because it is a BMW car? But, it was ISO, an Italian company, who licensed it. This cute mobile comes with a single-cylinder engine power and single front door. It comes with a 100 mpg engine.

The Autobianchi Bianchina 500

This is actually a modified version of the Fiat 500 with various body types, such as a roadster, wagon, cabrio and sedan. It was designed with a plushy interior. It kicks at 22hp. Do you find this good enough to move around?

The Fuldamobil

Many people are saying that the Smurfs would surely build and design a car like this small or even smaller. This kind of car was first manufactured in 1950s by a German company named, the Elektromaschinenbau Fulda GmbH. It actually looks like having three wheels because there is only an inch distance between the two wheels at the back.

The Goggomobil Dart

At first, it looks like a kid’s toy car. So, look after the kids out there. There might be trying to drive this car. Anyway, this car looks like a sports car, which was built by a German company and licensed in Australia. It only measures 10 feet long from bumper to bumper and then, it only weighs 849 pounds. If you are going to grab the optional engine at 18hp, then it would be really cool to drive.

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