Tips on Looking after your Car

Should I Rent a Car in the Mean Time?

Before we go straight into the tips of looking after your car. One common question we get is “should one rent a car while getting the detailing done”?

John Shoeton, one of our reader sent an email to our publisher and told us how he hired a car while getting his beloved pride an joy thoroughly cleaned.

A Perth resident, John said that having a loan car helped him get around while his car was out of action for a couple of days. Many of you might ask why does it take a couple of days to detail a car? Well, John was preparing it for an upcoming car show event in his hometown of Perth. He said it was convenient and easy, he simply searched it online to find a suitable car rental perth firm and the rest is history!

John even shared a youtube video he found showing an alternate way of of renting a car:

In fact, we got in contact with John and he told us some tips that his car detailer gave him for making your car looking like a show car, no matter what car you drive! So we used some of his tips to bring you the folllowing paragraphs on how to loof after your beloved possession.


Car Maintenance: an Introduction

You need a reliable and trusted company when it comes to taking care of your car because you have to treat yourself like your baby. If someone does not really take care of your baby, then you won’t be happy with that. The same is true with your car, give the best treatment and it will always look like the best.

When it comes to detailing cars, you have to find a company that offers the best service. It could have been better if you know how to do the cleaning of every equipment or part of your car, but sometimes your expertise and time are not enough.

So, we have here a few tips about what a car detailing company must do in looking after the interior and exterior of your car.

Removing Dust

Dust is one of the usual stuff that stays inside the car. The company must carefully remove the floor mats, rear parcel shelf, upholstery, dash, carpet and trunk. And then, make sure that they have a vacuum to use.

A compressed air is needed to remove dusts on the dash and side doors.

A non-slip dressing must not be used in washing a rubber type of floor mats.

If possible, a microfiber brush must be used on the air vent grill. It would be best to spray some vinyl dressing on the vent for a brand new look.

Removing Stains

Sometimes, you can’t avoid getting marks or stains on your carpet or even on the upholstery. Make sure that they will remove the stain by using a cleanser with a sponge. It must be washed and damped properly to avoid mold.

Repairing the Carpet

If your carpet has some holes or small burns, then it must be repaired. So, inform the company to let them repair the damage.

Cleaning the Seats

If your seat is made of cloth or nylon, then shampoo the seats using a machine. But, if the seat is made of leather, use a vinyl cleaner.

Cleaning the Windows and Mirrors

A Glass cleaner is needed on the windows, spray and then wipe the windows and mirrors. A plastic cleaner must be used on plastic type of gauge cover.

Brushing the Wheels

Use a wheel brush, cleaner and degreaser on the rims. Acid-based cleaners must not be used with a polished or clear-coated type of wheels. A high-pressure water spray must be used and then apply a vinyl dressing for a stunning look.

Washing the Tires

Whitewall tire cleaners are used even if your tires have black walls.

Safety of the electrical components

These must be wrapped in a plastic and then, a degreaser must be sprayed on it.

Cleaning the Nonmetal areas

Dress-up these areas with a vinyl or rubber protectant.

Safety of the Tinted Windows

The cleaner used on the tinted windows must not contain ammonia or vinegar because it will affect the quality of the tinted window.

Washing the Exterior

Car wash soaps must be used and not a dish detergent. It would be best to use a microfiber towel. Polish and then wax after washing.

If all these things are offered by a Car Detailing Company, then you can be sure that your car is in good hands.

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